Photo Enlargement

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Dress Up Your Space with Enlarged Digital Photos!

• Top quality • Fast turnaround
• Vibrant, accurate colors
• Print on matte or photo gloss paper, or canvas
• Dry mounting and laminating available

We can do photo enlargements affordably and quickly.

We print large size photos from a digital photo or we can scan the actual photograph.

Digital photos of two megapixels (1200 x 1600 pixels) and larger can go up to poster size. For really large photos, it helps to have 3000 x 4000 pixel files (12 megapixels).

We also do a lot of wall size photos as wall murals.

Talk to us about your project! We have a number of materials to choose from that will give you a great looking large photo.


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I must say, the Journal Blog is a fantastic addition to an already outstanding theme. Keep up the good work guys, it's amazing what you come up with for the Opencart community.

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